Medications play a vital role in keeping you healthy and maintaining your quality of life. However, when you have multiple physicians prescribing you multiple medications, the chance of drug interactions and adverse drug events occurring multiplies exponentially. In fact, adverse drug events now account for more than 1/3 of annual hospital admissions for those 65 years and older.

As your personal pharmacist, I want you to take less prescription and over-the-counter medications. I am going to transform your traditional healthcare experience with a comprehensive medication review. Your review will  identify and eliminate more than 10 types of medication-related problems from your current regimen, and prevent major adverse drug events from occurring.

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How I Can Help You and Your Family

If you have never heard of a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CGP), you are not alone. Less than 1% of all pharmacists are CGPs. In fact, you might call us Healthcare’s Best Kept Secret. Click below to discover how I can help you and your family.

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The Confident Caregiver Program

Research has discovered we feel less stressed and more in control when we are confident in our caregiving abilities. However, there are no training materials or guidebooks out there to tell us how to care for our loved ones. That is until now! Click below to learn more about this 8 week training program.

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Comprehensive Medication Reviews

A Comprehensive Medication Review (CMR) identifies and eliminates medication-related problems. Examples of problems include drug interactions, unwanted side effects, high medication cost, and medication use without any medical reason. Click below to learn more about medication-related problems, the benefits of a CMR, and who should have one.

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Discover my brand new 10-page guide to avoiding stress, medication errors, and unnecessary expenses.

Inside you will learn the 8 costly mistakes caregivers make which keeps them from becoming confident caregivers and feeling 100% in control.

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