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Whether you know it or not, you’ve been given the role of CHO for your parent.  While there is no one better for this position than you, it is one of the most difficult jobs anyone can have.  As CHO, you probably have so many unanswered questions and concerns, and are completely overwhelmed by the amount of information being given to you by various healthcare providers.

Under our current healthcare system, physicians are overwhelmed with more patients than they have time to care for. The average doctor’s appointment is now only 7 minutes in length. This means there is extremely limited time, if any, for multiple physicians caring for the same patient to talk to one another. This means each doctor has their own opinion of what is the best treatment plan for your parent.

As a result, you receive conflicting answers, multiple diagnoses, and end up with a bucket-full of prescriptions. 

Coordination of Care occurs when all the healthcare providers involved in a patient’s care work together to provide the patient with the best treatment plan as possible. In order to optimize overall care, providers put an individual’s unique needs at the center of the plan, and exchange information between one another accordingly.

The figure to the right shows the exchange of your parent’s healthcare information without coordination of care. As you can see from the arrows, information is only being exchanged between you and each individual provider.

Figure 1: Our Healthcare System Without Coordination of Care

 Don’t Worry! This is Where I Come In…

My goal is to maximize quality of life for the whole family, allow aging at home for as long as possible, and give you the peace of mind your parent is safe. I do this by eliminating medication-related problems from their prescription regimen, coordinating care between multiple healthcare providers, and developing a single care plan that all providers, including myself, agree on.

Coordination of Care is depicted by the red arrows. As a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist, I have the medical knowledge to serve as a liaison between all of your parent’s healthcare providers, and bridge the information gap in order to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Figure 2: Our Healthcare System With Coordination of Care

Let Me Show You How to Take Care of Your Parent & Yourself!

Caring for an aging parent is such an important role, but this does not mean the rest of your life has to go and stay on the back burner.  You can still have your own life, too!

You deserve the time to go to dinner with family and friends, enjoy your kids, finish that novel, and get to all those DIY projects you’ve found on Pinterest.

You don’t need to be afraid of the caregiving challenges that lie ahead. Let me show you how to face every challenge with the utmost confidence, knowing you can triumph over any obstacle that comes your way.

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